This is it….


I’ve been thinking about this forever.
I’ve been brainstorming for a year.
I’ve been procrastinating for months.
I’ve talked to many.
The time has come.

This is it…

This is 2 Spoons Up, a blog about food!  I know, not a groundbreaking concept but keep reading. This is not your average food blog – well, maybe it is, but just keep those thoughts aside for a sec. My hope is to combine my love of food, cookbooks, cooking, eating, music, friends and family into one place…a place called “2 Spoons Up.”

2 Spoons Up will share my experiences with food – mostly other people’s food through their cookbooks and blogs. Did I mention I love cookbooks??? I especially love the ones with pictures because the ones without are just cooknovels in my opinion. My cookbook collection continues to grow and I’ll introduce you to many of them and share my cooking tales of how each recipe I try turned out. The recipes will focus on CLEAN eating, but it will be far from BORING eating. They’ll run the gamut from paleo to vegetarian, from gluten free to some indulgences. I am not one to preach about any one specific diet or food trend. I am simply an advocate for eating – eating good food!

I ask for your patience – the blogging world is a new realm for me. I am still trying to figure out how this whole wordpress thing works and how to make it all look pretty and cool.  But one thing I know for sure – it’s all about making good food and good memories while making good food. I hope you enjoy and share your own memories and stories along the way.

I’m hungry – let’s eat!!

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5 thoughts on “This is it….

  1. Nee says:

    I’m so glad ur finally doing this oiling forward to reading ur stuff

  2. Mehr says:

    Can’t wait!! Maybe you can shed light on crockpot use and recipes, as it is a foreign appliance to me but I hear it is simple and easy to use.

  3. Froozan says:

    Love it Niz!!! Congrats…and just so you know I’ve drank hot lemon water at least 3 mornings since I first read your intro about your blog:) Looking forward to more yummy reads!!!

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